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Build the Architecture of your Presence.  Create a well-founded authentic life.

Presence Training is Soulhouse’s core curriculum and signature training.  Presence Training teaches you how to build the Architecture of your Presence in 7 steps, combining Meditation, Visualisation, Body Awareness and Energy Consciousness.  

Presence training holds the space for you to know your energy, to bring your whole self into the body, fully present – to create space and flow for you in all aspects of your life.  A solid well-built presence of the mind, body & spirit is the most powerful state from which to create your life, or simply to manifest experience.


Soulhouse offers teacher training in classes tailor-made for those of you who would like to bring Meditation, Consciousness, Imagination Training & Energy Awareness into your working environment.   You may be Teachers in any genre, Coaches, Leaders, Speakers, Therapists, Counsellors and more.  You are a person who wants to bring a deeper level of communication and consciousness to your work and gain tools that will help your student, client, audience to become present, and to engage in your process in a deep and transformational way.  You will typically have a message you are sharing, you may be an educator, and certainly, you know that you are an influencer, a person who wants to contribute positively to our bigger picture.

Soulhouse Kids is a digital space for children which offers fun live online workshops on Meditation, Consciousness, Creativity, Movement, Art, Earth Care, and more……
our Kids Meditation Garden is a library of unique recorded meditations guiding 5 to 12 year olds through different types of meditation experiences.  Each meditation is a journey that trains the mind to focus easily, and trains the imagination to create visually, .  Ultimately the guided visualisations train children’s minds and bodies to create positive experiences.  Travel inwards to create inner pictures is a skill that is important to maintain and train in the era of “screens” that our next generations are growing up in.  The captured imagination may be set free to create independently.  This space is dedicated to our future.

Workshops for Teens introducing Meditation & Visualization for inner peace, managing anxiety, developing self confidence, improving focus and managing their energy.  We offer workshops that help teens harness the power of their imagination and visualization skills to prepare for interviews, presentations or performances.   Our workshops hold the space for young adults to identify their passion, purpose or calling – invaluable connection to self, that empowers them to shape their future and take responsibility for their own education.  These workshops may be booked as a series, or stand-alone workshops within your school or group.  


Creative Presence is a workshop taught by Sabrina Siobhan and Professor Marcella Della Signore globally.  In this creative process workshop Sabrina & Marcella bring together their experience from the world of energy, awareness, performance, design, digital design, installation design, art and architecture.  Their unique method guides participants to traveling deeply inwards and simulataneously outwards to connect with the quantum field of infinite possibilities.  The workshop uncovers and reveals synergy whilst faciliating participants in a personal process of self healing and empowerment. Freedom of expression and synchronisitc contect and co-creation stems from the authentic moment of becoming powerfully present.  The workshop holds the space for the creative process to be deeply personal, yet universally communicative and responsive simultaneously.  This is for any designer, artist, architect, performer or creative.
Marcella currently teaches digital design at the New York Institute of Technology, is a Yogini, Exhibiting Installation Artist & Urbanist.  Sabrina Siobhan, Architect, Painter & Advanced Energy Master is the Director and Founder of The Soulhouse School. To know more about upcoming workshops join our waiting list by emailing