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Presence Training is 7 workshops which teach you The Soulhouse Method of Meditation and Energy Awareness.  Our unique method draws upon creative meditation practices, creative process, visualisation, energy and body awareness.  Presence Training  brings you refined, modern, religion free Meditation Training, Energy Awareness, Imagination Training, Mind Training, and Creative Intention Training.  When you sign up you have automatic membership to our digital members space that offers you resources and meditations for practice.  


Abundance School takes you through real energy work to expanded awareness and raise your vibration.  You will learn powerful meditations and enter a process that will guide you to what you need to transform or release in order to envision clearly, and manifest effortlessly.  Abundance School training will teach you how to create your authentic visions and take them from pure energy to becoming manifest in form or experience.  This is for the student who feels, senses that they are not yet tapping into their full range of abilities.

Our Kids Meditation Garden is a digital space supported by live workshops that allows kids to play and experience meditation from the perspective of their creative imagination.  Children have easy access to this natural ability, and can learn at an early age to set the energy of their space, and to transform negative into positive.  The Kid’s Meditation Garden is a great use of the digital world we live in, we have a section for each part of the day from morning to night where they can listen to recordings, journeys or do fun activities.

Workshops for Teens introducing Meditation & Visualization for inner peace, managing anxiety, developing self confidence, improving focus and managing their energy.  We offer workshops that help teens harness the power of their imagination and visualization skills to prepare for interviews, presentations or performances.  These can be booked and tailor made for your convenience.  These workshops are offered one to one or in groups.


Creative Presence is a workshop taught by Sabrina Siobhan and Professor Marcella Della Signore globally.  In this creative process workshop Sabrina & Marcella bring together their experience from the world of energy, awareness, performance, design, digital design, installation design, art and architecture.  Their unique method guides participants to traveling deeply inwards and simulataneously outwards to connect with the quantum field of infinite possibilities.  The workshop uncovers and reveals synergy whilst faciliating participants in a personal process of self healing and empowerment. Freedom of expression and synchronisitc contect and co-creation stems from the authentic moment of becoming powerfully present.  The workshop holds the space for the creative process to be deeply personal, yet universally communicative and responsive simultaneously.  This is for any designer, artist, architect, performer or creative.
Marcella currently teaches digital design at the New York Institute of Technology, is a Yogini, Exhibiting Installation Artist & Urbanist.  Sabrina Siobhan, Architect, Painter & Advanced Energy Master is the Director and Founder of The Soulhouse School. To know more about upcoming workshops join our waiting list by emailing