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Sabrina Siobhan 

Soulhouse Founder

Founder, Mission, Method


Sabrina Siobhan brings her expertise and experience from the worlds of Architecture, Painting, Meditation, Energy Awareness, Sixth Sensory Development & Creative Process under one roof in The Soulhouse School.  Imagination, Envisioning, Energy Awareness, Meditation, Movement and Performance Training merge into a free flow of Conscious Creating.  




Soulhouse’s mission is to empower people to bring their passion and creative expression into the world.  The Soulhouse Method helps people embody, to connect deeply with their own energy field and consciousness, bringing their own presence into the body and the present moment.  Creative flow, creative joy and innovation flow freely from this state.  Meditation, Visualisation, working with energy, spirit and soul, our classes help the student to let go of all layers that inhibit their presence and block or slow down their creative expression. 

The Soulhouse Method combines consciousness training through meditation, creative envisioning, body awareness, creative purpose and life purpose.  To perform, to lead, to design, to create, to express, a well grounded body infused with self affinity and presence is powerful.  The Soulhouse Method trains consciousness of the creative quantum field of energy that we are all a part of.  When we have our own authentic energy centered in the body, our information, our next steps, our true expression becomes directly connected and easily accessible for expression.