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The Soulhouse School

Soulhouse is a school for guiding adults, young people and children to realise their clarity, full potential, health, happiness, and life goals.  Our zone is the intersection of Consciousness and Creativity – we create from who we are.  The unique Soulhouse Method guides students of all ages through the practice of powerful meditations, visualisations, and energy awareness tools which allow students to focus, harness the power of their imagination and proactively create experience.

Meditation helps us to improve our ability to focus and concentrate so that we can manage our energy, our thoughts, connect with our hearts, set powerful intentions and achieve our goals.  These goals can be anything from inner peace to an incredible performance, to achieving a sports or life-related goal, or simply discovering your path in life.

We offer training in: Meditation & Energy Awareness, Sensory Training, Self Development & Creative Process for adults and children in a totally unique original format.  Our training is offered online, and live in Brazil, The UK and France.  Email us to arrange a workshop in your location.


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Why Meditation Workshop

If you’re wondering if Meditation is for you, or if you’d like to free yourself from old ideas about what meditation is and start fresh this workshop is a good place to start.

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